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FATIMA 100th Anniversary

Hi, I'm Virginia, one of your Holy Heroes Adventure Guides!

VirginiaDid you know that 100 years ago three young children named Francisco (9 years old), Jacinta (7 years old), and Lucia (10 years old) received six visits from The Blessed Virgin Mary? And the year before, they had been visited three times by an angel!

The children lived near Fatima, Portugal, and they did everything Our Blessed Mother and the angel told them to do. They became very holy. In fact, this past May, Francisco and Jacinta were declared to be Saints in Heaven!

Our Lady told these children some very important messages for you and your family today -- and I'll help you learn all about them.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Listen here FREE to a different episode from our Glory Stories volume 13 "Secrets from Heaven: The Story of the Children of Fatima" every month.
  2. You can print off and color a picture about the story while you listen.
  3. Then, you can take a fun online quiz to see what you've learned!

Every month on the 100th anniversary of one of the appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the children of Fatima, we'll post a new episode, a new coloring page, and a new quiz!

We pick up the story right after Our Lady appeared to the three children in August. Remember how the children were not able to make it to Cova de Iria last month and Our Lady had to appear to them at Valinhos? Don't worry though - they were able to make it to the Cova in September! The three children were also getting excited for Our Lady's last visit in October - are you?

Virginia was recently in Fatima. You can view her short videos and blog posts here:
Virginia at the Vatican - Virginia at the catacombs - Virginia at Fatima

FATIMA 100th Anniversary Activities for September 13th
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