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What is Advent Adventure?

Advent flyerIf your family is like ours, Advent is the most hectic time of the year. With all the work you do to create that joyful Christmas Day, who has the time (or energy) to make Advent into a fruitful time of spiritual anticipation and preparation for your family?

Let our family take yours on the fun and easy
“Holy Heroes Advent Adventure”!

It’s FREE–it costs you nothing, nada, zilch.

It’s easy– we do all the work for you, then we send you daily emails full of fun for ages 3 and up. You just click-and-watch short videos ... click-and-print off fun activities ... click-and-pray along with us!

It’s solid Catholic fun–you’ll learn about Catholic traditions, saints, the Jesse Tree, the Advent wreath, prep for Sunday Mass, and more!

Let your whole family enjoy Advent with the Holy Heroes Adventure Guides this year.

---Still not sure? Click for more details about ADVENT ADVENTURE---

Never taken part in any of our "Adventures"? Here's what you need to know:

Who should take part?

  • Children of coloring age (any skill level) up to about age 12
  • Families that want to learn more about Catholic Advent traditions and practices, saints, and Our Lord, Jesus Christ!
  • BUSY families whose Moms and Dads want to use Advent to prepare for Christmas

    ...but who get so BUSY that the prayer and preparation of Advent gets lost about Dec 9th or 10th the DELUGE of stuff that we parents need to do to make a great family Christmas Day...

  • Anyone with a computer with internet access--then click, watch, listen, and download from each day's email (which is chock-full of fun and informative stuff)!

How much does it cost?

  • Zero
  • Zilch
  • Nada
  • It's all FREE! Just open up our daily email and let your kids click, watch, listen, and download up to an hour's worth of Catholic joy...while you can step away and get your own day started!

What makes this Advent an extra-special Adventure?

  • The JESSE TREE! We'll take you day-by-day through the Jesse Tree so this year you'll finish it and never get behind!
  • Learn the Mass responses!   We'll teach you all the new responses, step-by-step so that even the youngest can learn!
  • You will SAVE $$$ during special sales on our products!
  • Advent flyerWe have special freebies and products and contests ONLY for "Adventurers"! Lots of fun for everyone!
  • All-new Glory Stories! And other new stuff! Yay!

So, register NOW by entering your email address above! (you can always unsubscribe at any time if you change your mind).

May God bless you and yours,

Your Adventure Guides: Virginia, Clara, Margaret, Trey, Anna, Therese, Lillian, and Caroline


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We participated in your Advent Adventure and LOVED it! As a mother with a 3-1/2 year old and a 9 month old, I can't create activities like I had hoped, but you did it all for me (and much more creatively). Thank you to you all and the darling heroes!"

Lights, cameras, action – it's time for the "Advent Adventure" web-based videos with the Davison family. Follow the eight children daily as they explain, live out and act out different aspects of Advent and help families prepare for the Christmas season."
-read the interview with the creator of Holy Heroes at Fathers For Good

We love Holy Heroes for taking the stress out of special family devotions. Follow the "Advent Adventure" to get a fun daily lesson on the season, and find other resources like their "Glory Stories," Rosary CDs and Jesse Tree DVD, all at"
-Tom and April Hoopes, User's Guide to Sunday, National Catholic Register, Nov 14, 2011

We used the Advent Adventure in my 5th grade classroom this year. The kids loved it! We watched the videos on the Smartboard each day, used the crossword puzzles daily to review, and made our own Jesse Trees. Some of the kids even continued the Adventure at home after we got out for the holiday break. One of my students went home to tell her mom about all the neat stuff on your site."

There is a great new resource for parents who struggle to prepare for Christmas while observing a meaningful Advent."
-Faith & Family