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Get Free Holy Heroes Activities
Holy Heroes Activities
These crafts are easy to make and fun to play with!

Kateri craft


  • Paper or cloth
  • Glue, tape, stapler, and/or needle and thread
  • Craft feathers (optional)
  • Beads, sequins, or craft jewels (optional)


  1. Kateri craftMeasure around the child’s head, using strip(s) of paper or cloth. Glue, tape, staple, or sew the strip(s) together to make a headband around the forehead.
  2. Cut out feathers from paper or buy craft feathers at the store. Glue, tape, staple, or sew feathers to the headband to make an Indian headdress.
  3. Optional: Mohawk men would have 3 feathers sticking up at the top of their headdress. To make a Mohawk male headdress, cross 2 strips of cloth or paper over the child’s head and mark where they should be attached to the headband. Then, remove the headband and strips of paper, and attach the two strips to the headband. Attach 3 feathers to the top of the headdress.
  4. Optional: Mohawk women did not wear Indian headdresses with feathers. Instead, they wore headbands that were beaded. If you are a girl, you might want to make this type of headband instead.
    • Measure forehead, using strip(s) of cloth or paper.  Attach the strip(s) together to make a headband around the forehead.
    • Glue beads, sequins, or craft jewels onto the headband. You can even make patterns on your headband like the Indians did.
  5. Kateri cross craftKateri might have made herself a little wooden cross like this one. You will only need:
    • Two small sticks from outside or popsicle sticks
    • Some twine or rubber bands.
      1. First, find 2 sticks. One of the sticks should be about twice as long as the other stick.
      2. Next, place the shorter stick perpendicular to the longer stick. Tie the two sticks together with twine or loop the rubber band around the two sticks to attach them together.
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