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Sunday, December 2, 2018
Holy Heroes Advent Adventure

The first Sunday of Advent -- the day we light the first purple candle in the Advent wreath. This wreath in a visible place is a great way to keep your family focused on Advent, and there are rituals associated with it that help, too.

  • In Mass: your parish priest may bless the Advent wreath in your church, or you may come into the church and find it already lit.
  • Today's featured itemAt Home: you should bless your family’s Advent wreath, then light the first purple candle.
    • We have included in the “printables” for today the blessing for your wreath in your own home from the Book of Blessings approved by the bishops for use in the United States. 
    • We've also included some prayers that we say every night thereafter when we light the wreath.
    • We also sing a verse of "O Come, O Come, Emmanuel," on most nights after we light the wreath (so the words are also in the “printables”).

Ready? This first day, before Advent starts, is focused on providing your children preparatory materials with the real "adventure" beginning in earnest with the email we'll send you for Monday.

Let's go! God bless you and have a blessed Advent.

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During Advent Adventure, we will learn about the Rosary and pray just a "decade-a-day" of the Joyful Mysteries. We will pray each Joyful Mystery decade several times during Advent. Then, you will get a chance to become "certified" in these mysteries, earning a gold or silver certificate!

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