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February 16, 17 & 18
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Today in the video we are going to talk about using a bean jar to help our children do their Lenten sacrifices.

Why is Lent a season of sacrifices, a time when we usually give so much attention to “giving something up”?

It is because Lent is about trying to die to ourselves in order to make room in our hearts to love God and our neighbor more.

Now, often we try to do some sort of penance for all of Lent, like giving up chocolate or popcorn or ice cream or coffee.

But St Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower, said that one of her most productive Lenten periods was a time when she “didn’t do any penances.”

Instead, she said she just looked for little opportunities throughout the day to do little sacrifices with great love, either sacrifices for other people or just little ways to raise her heart to God with a prayer as she would give up something she wanted to do for herself.

Her “Little Way” can transform our lives, especially during Lent, because we stop focusing on what we’re giving up and instead focus on how we can show love to God and to our neighbors -- Click for your Roadmap Code Letter Cluesand our family members, who are our closest "neighbors" whom we can love!

The visible bean jar (described in the video below) helps.

On Easter morning, we don't spread jelly beans around the house or in the plastic eggs we might hide. Instead, the only place that jelly beans can be found is in the bean jar, so they can see the “fruits” of all the little sacrifices they made during Lent.

They love it!

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