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February 19 & 20
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Today we are going to talk about the Angelus.

If your family does not already pray this time-honored Catholic prayer, now is a great time to start as some of the extra "praying" the Church asks us to do during Lent.

For centuries Catholics in Europe were reminded to pray the Angelus three times a day by the ringing of the Angelus bells in the churches and monasteries.

My husband went on a long weekend retreat several years ago in which they prayed the Angelus three times a day.

Our parish prays it before every Mass.

Click for your Roadmap Code Letter CluesWe have our own Angelus bell in our kitchen, and we always pray the Angelus before lunch, with different children leading it when Dad can't make it home for lunch.

Many Catholic families are also bringing back the practice of praying the Angelus several times a day. A traditional practice is to genuflect during the part of the Angelus when we pray, “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us.”

We genuflect to adore the moment when God became man: the moment of conception -- which is a beautiful pro-life lesson for our times and our children!

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Pray the Angelus with us, led by my husband, Ken.
The Angelus and two dozen other prayers which every child should know by heart, plus all the new Mass responses are in Glory Stories volume 8 and in the companion prayer booklet.

If you want to listen ahead... you can purchase CDs here or mp3 downloads here.

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