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March 18 & 19
Deal of the Day

PARENTS: Today we are going to explain how to make a dough crown of thorns.  It’s not too difficult, and is a great visual reminder to children of Christ's suffering.

Explain to your kids that our sins bring pain to Jesus, but that we can comfort Jesus by our sacrifices and good works.  We always put in a lot more toothpicks than we think are necessary; kids really make an effort to do nice things as they see the tangible impact on the crown.

If need be, we can always make another crown or we just continue with the bean jar when we are done with the crown of thorns.


KIDS: Today, we’re going to learn about making a dough crown of thorns!  It’s similar to the bean jar, and just as fun! With each sacrifice you make, pull a toothpick out of the crown. Try to remove all the "thorns" from the crown by Easter!

Crown of Thorns craftIt is also nice to decorate the crown after the thorns are all out for the Easter table!  Ask your parents for help with this! It is a nice reminder of how God brings beauty out of sacrifice!

Here’s the recipe...remember, be safe in the kitchen, and always ask mom or dad for permission and help first!

You will need:
4 cups flour
1 cup salt

Mix flour and salt. Mix enough water to make a stiff clay (A little warmth helps dissolve the salt).  Knead until smooth to remove any air bubbles. Roll three long ropes and loosely braid them. Form braid into a circle and stick toothpicks loosely throughout the entire crown (if they are embedded too deeply they cannot be pulled out intact).  Bake at 350 F for an hour or until it is dry and light brown.

Saint Joseph's Feast Day is March 19 - The Annunciation is March 25
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