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April 22 & 23
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HAPPY EASTER!!! He is Risen, Alleluia!

Today is the second day of the Easter Octave.  We call it an Octave because it has 8 days. The Easter Octave lasts until Divine Mercy Sunday. These 8 days are all celebrated as Solemnities of the Lord, which is the highest feast-day rank possible; because of this, any saints' days that fall into this period are not celebrated this year - or they are pushed onto other days outside of the Easter Octave.

After Divine Mercy Sunday, the Easter Season continues until Pentecost - a period of 50 days in total from Easter Sunday.  What a happy time after a long Lent!

Today, we will learn about the Regina Caeli. This is a special hymn that is sung or said during Easter instead of the Angelus.  It is a beautiful song, and you will love to sing it! It is full of all the "Alleluia's" that were missing in Lent.

We sing it kind of slow...but that's only so that you can learn the words; when you do learn it, sing it more joyfully and with an up tempo!

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We have produced a one-of-a-kind canvas print "The Face of God" which is an amazing Easter Season gift for a priest or deacon or for your chapel (or home!).

Miraculous images not made by human hands!

Watch the 1-minute video explaining what we've done (with the famous Polish photographer Janusz Rosikon) or read the blog explanation from my husband.


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