Summer Faith Adventure
Day 4

Summer Faith Adventure - Day 1
Summer Faith Adventure: Day 4

Summer Faith Adventure ActivitiesWe hope you're having fun and learning along the way.

Today is all about obedience--even if it is not obvious right away. It's especially about obedience to your parents. It begins right in the Rosary today: the 2nd Luminous Mystery, the Wedding Feast at Cana. Listen when you pray, and listen carefully for what Jesus does, and what He and His mother say to each other. Then, in the rest of the day, you'll start to see how it all fits together.

Next, learn about how every family is like the Holy Family, because Jesus hand-picks everyone in every family, just like He did for His. And, Margaret will show you a great way to practice sacrificing and showing love for your neighbors... especially those closest neighbors: your family.






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