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Your Baby is 8 Weeks Old!

Print Spiritual Adoption fliersWelcome to your 5th Spiritual Adoption page! Your spiritually adopted baby is 8 weeks old now. Remember to keep praying for him or her every single day!

At 8 weeks old, your baby is moving around and even doing somersaults! He is covered in a very soft hair called lanugo which helps protect the baby’s skin and keep him warm, as there is not much fat on his body yet. Watch the video to hear the Adventure Guides talk about what else is new with your baby this week, and how big he is!

Correction: Our Spiritual Adoption Development Quiz originally said that the baby could do somersaults by 4 months. While this is true, the baby can actually do somersaults in his or her mommy’s womb by about 8 weeks! This is about 2 months old.



Spiritual Adoption StoreAsk your parents if they have your footprints from when you were first born. How small were your feet then, compared to what they are now? Make footprints or trace around your feet to compare.How small do you think your baby’s feet are now, compared to how big they will be when he or she is born? Just like you’ve been growing, the baby is doing a lot of growing, too! What other mementoes of your birth do your parents have?


Print JournalLearn about your own unborn journey by talking to your parents and family! Download your printable journal pages here.


Spiritual Adoption Prayer CardYou can download and print Fulton Sheen’s spiritual adoption prayer here, which you should pray every day. The download also includes an extra prayer from Pope Saint John Paul II!

Spiritual Adoption StoreYour baby keeps getting bigger and bigger every day! These Precious Feet pins show the actual size your baby's feet will be when he or she is 10 weeks old - 2 more weeks! You can wear them to remind you to pray every day for your adopted baby.


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