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Your Baby is 14 Weeks Old!

Print Spiritual Adoption fliersYour baby weighs about 3 ounces and is about 4 inches long. The baby is growing like crazy! The baby is also starting to grow toenails. Right now, the baby may make sucking motions with his mouth this gets him ready to nurse when he is born!

Remember when Jesus' mother Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth? The Angel Gabriel told Mary that Elizabeth was also pregnant, and so Mary went to help her. Instead of only focusing on her own pregnancy, Mary selflessly decided to help her cousin, and she stayed with Elizabeth for three months! This means that Jesus would have been about 12-14 weeks old when Mary left Elizabeth’s house and returned home. You can learn more about this story, which occurred when Jesus was in the womb, by reading Luke 1:39-56.


Print JournalLearn about your own unborn journey by talking to your parents and family! Download your printable journal pages here.


Spiritual Adoption Prayer CardYou can download and print Fulton Sheen’s spiritual adoption prayer here, which you should pray every day. The download also includes an extra prayer from Pope Saint John Paul II!


lightYour unborn baby’s eyelids are still closed, but he or she can still sense light. Ask your parent or teacher (or a sibling or friend) to turn off the lights in the room you are in. Close your eyes and keep them closed. Now, ask the person helping you to turn on the lights. Can you see the light turning on in the room even though your eyes are closed? This is similar to how your baby can tell the difference between light and dark even though his eyelids are closed and he is in the womb.


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