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Your Baby is 20 Weeks Old!
Deal of the Day

Your baby is now 11 inches and weighs about 1 pound. Lips, eyelids, and eyebrows can now be seen distinctly. The baby keeps his eyes closed, but he now has completely formed eyes underneath his eyelids. A baby in the womb sleeps like we do; sometimes scientists can see the baby’s eyes moving really quickly under his eyelids. This is called rapid eye movement or simply REM. REM occurs when we dream, so it looks like the babies in the womb have dreams just like we do! Also, at this point, the baby can hear some sounds!



Print JournalLearn about your own unborn journey by talking to your parents and family! Download your printable journal pages here.


Spiritual Adoption Prayer CardYou can download and print Fulton Sheen’s spiritual adoption prayer here, which you should pray every day. The download also includes an extra prayer from Pope Saint John Paul II!


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