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Your Baby is 22 Weeks Old!

baby incubatorHe is about a foot long and just keep growing taller and putting on more and more weight (ask your mom about how much she noticed YOU getting bigger about this time--maybe she has pictures of what she looked like, too).

Lillian and Caroline decided to film this week's video themselves...without waiting for Margaret.Hope you like it. They had a hard time finding a vegetable big enough to be the size of the baby.

Print Spiritual Adoption activitiesThe baby's hearing will continue to improved (remember we said that 2 weeks ago the baby could hear low sounds?), and the baby’s brain, tastebuds, and lungs are also continuing to develop. Also, at this point, if the baby is born early, he will be able to live outside of the womb.

That's an important point in the baby's development!

Of course, It is much better (and safer) to continue to live and grow inside the mom, but with our medical advancements, babies born this early can be kept in the hospital in a special place called an incubator to keep him warm. The baby is also fed with tubes and carefully helped to continue to grow until he is big enough to go home!


Print JournalLearn about your own unborn journey by talking to your parents and family! Download your printable journal pages here.


Spiritual Adoption Prayer CardYou can download and print Fulton Sheen’s spiritual adoption prayer here, which you should pray every day. The download also includes an extra prayer from Pope Saint John Paul II!


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