Holy Images - The Shroud and Veil of Jesus

The Catholic Church has preserved a rich heritage of sacred art, each work a reflection of the artist's personal contemplation of God, displayed to deepen the meditation of millions of viewers over the centuries.

But the Holy Images we have made available now for the first time are something quite different: the images represented were not the works of human hands.

We are pleased to produce a limited number of Holy Images prints on high-quality stretched canvas available for contemplation for your chapel, rectory, or home. Each Holy Images print will come with a brochure explaining details about the images to aid your contemplation.

Fatima Family Handbook Fatima Family Handbook
Price: $14.95
Deep bulk discounts, too! $7.98
You save $6.97!

Angel in the Waters Angel in the Waters
Price: $11.95

His Angels at Our Side His Angels at Our Side
Price: $18.95