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Looking for a way to actively engage your children in their faith?


Glory Stories are audio CDs that provoke children’s imagination and teach them about the saints. Each Glory story tells the true-life story of a Saint or Blessed – children and adults – who provides an example for us to follow as we strive here on earth know, love, and serve God, so we can be with Him forever in Heaven.

We know your children will love Glory Stories! Your free sample includes:

  1. An audio CD with 2 Glory Stories for just the cost of shipping & handling (only a few dollars to most locations)
  2. A download of 20-big coloring pages that correspond with one of the audio Glory Stories. Perfect for little kids to help them follow along! (a download link for the coloring pages will display after checkout)

Free Glory Stories CD

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Click to learn more about Glory Stories and the two stories included on this sampler CD.