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Free CD

These are great for car rides ... bedtimes ... quiet times ... some Moms tell us they even use them during lunch to calm everyone down a bit in the middle of the day!

NOW--for a limited time: Try it FOR FREE. Plus get a free coloring download (see below) -- you'll be amazed how your children aged 4 - 12 will be mesmerized by these fully dramatized, true-life stories!

Free Glory Stories CD

Glory Stories are audio products, not videos – so they engage a child’s imagination in a way plunking them down in front of a big screen simply does not. Researchers tell us what we Moms already know: that watching something creates a passive response in children, while listening engages an active response -- the imagination kicks in, and the children absorb and "ponder in their hearts" what we want them to learn!

Each Glory Stories saint story teaches the Catholic Faith through the true-life story of a Saint or Blessed – children and adults – who provides an example for us to follow as we strive here on earth know, love, and serve God, so we can be with Him forever in Heaven.

This CD includes TWO COMPLETE stories:

  • Let the Children Come to Me - The Story of Blessed Imelda Lambertini (Patroness of First Communicants): This moving story teaches children about the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist through the miraculous story of this little Italian girl. It will forever change your child's appreciation of Mass!
  • Fresh Flowers in Winter - The Story of St. Juan Diego & Our Lady of Guadalupe: Extols the virtue of obedience (what child couldn't learn more about that?!) through the miraculous story of this humble Mexican and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Includes much of the actual conversation between the Saint and Our Lady--giving Mom and Dad a lot to ponder, too!
ORDER NOW and get:
  • The audio CD with two complete saint stories for just the cost of shipping & handling (only a few dollars to most locations)
  • PLUS you can download FREE 20-big coloring pages that follow along with "Fresh Flowers in Winter" (the story of Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe). Great to engage the "littles" so they learn to "obey your mother," too! (download link will display after checkout)

Free Glory Stories CD