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Legacy: A Handbook for Fathers (Hardback)

Legacy: A Handbook for Fathers
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Legacy: A Father's Handbook for Raising Godly Children
by Stephen Wood

The most important job a man has is fathering his children, but raising godly children in today’s world isn’t an easy task. Don’t tackle the most important job of your life unprepared. Legacy will equip you with the basic tools you need to fulfill your role as a father.

This man-to-man book covers fundamental principles, priorities, and practical strategies to help you build a legacy of faith in your family.

In Legacy you will find:

  • How to use sports and adventure to pass on the Faith to your children
  • Practical ways to find adequate time for fathering
  • The 60-second secret to getting your kids to obey – the first time
  • How to handle a strong-willed child
  • To spank or not to spank, that is the question…
  • What you should never do when disciplining a child
  • How to tame the “terrible twos”
  • Why the central focus of discipline is the ear, not the rear
  • How to prevent your child from turning “gay”
  • How to help your sons win the war to be pure
  • The key to fathering daughters (Steve has six of them): The one common mistake you must NEVER commit or you’ll scar your daughter’s soul for life
  • A major unrecognized cause of children falling away from the Faith – even in the most solid Catholic homes. Recognize it! Don’t let it happen to you.
  • How a successful father summed up the secret of fatherhood in a 21-word note that his son folded up and kept for 25 years in his Bible. Those 21 words will surprise you.
  • How to avoid blowing the one opportunity you have to be a good dad to your young children. (Hint: Failure is guaranteed if you make a mistake on the question of “quality time vs. quantity time”.)
  • Why you don’t need to wait for teen problems to explode: This key strategy in the child’s early years heads off trouble.
  • How to stay married. The secret is to avoid the four marriage busters.
  • How to build an “ark” to protect your family from the flood of godlessness and paganism

Legacy shows how families and children are transformed when Dad takes an active role in child training, and when he becomes a true partner with his wife in parenting. Steve Wood gives men a vision of the Faith running through the generations of their family. He couples this vision with down-to-earth strategies to help fathers successfully fulfill their role within the family.

"I am so grateful to Stephen Wood for writing Legacy: A Father’s Handbook for Raising Godly Children. I found myself repeatedly exclaiming ‘Yes!’ as I devoured each page of the practical, time-tested wisdom that Steve shares so effectively in this powerful new book. Whether you’re a veteran dad with many years of child-rearing behind you or are brand new to the awesome mystery of Christian fatherhood, you need to read this book and apply its principles to your own life. If you do, I can guarantee that your wife and children will quite literally be eternally grateful to you for having done so, and God will bless your family in ways unimaginable."
Patrick Madrid, father of eleven, author, Search and Rescue: How to Bring Your Family and Friends Into (or Back Into) the Catholic Church

"Legacy is vintage Steve Wood at his finest. I wholeheartedly endorse this book and ask that every Catholic man who is interested in the welfare of his family read Legacy in order to leave this world a better place for our children."
Jesse Romero, the father of three, lay evangelist, USA middleweight kickboxing champion, world police boxing champion, veteran deputy sheriff

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