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Summer Faith Adventure

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Looking for a 100% Catholic Vacation Bible School for your parish?

...that's inexpensive?

...and easy so volunteers (even teens!) can manage it?

Well, here it is: Holy Heroes Summer Faith Adventure -- The New Kingdom of David!

Learn the Catholic Faith this summer -- and have a blast!

Here's what your children learn in Holy Heroes Summer Faith Adventure:

  • The Old Testament Kingdom of David -- how it helps us understand the "New Kingdom of David" which Jesus rules over today!
  • The Sacraments -- "then" (when they were instituted by Jesus) and "now" (when we celebrate them in the Church)!
  • The roles Jesus gives to different people in His Kingdom -- His Blessed Mother, the saints in Heaven, the Pope, bishops and priests, me and you!
  • How we got the Bible -- who wrote it, who preserved it, and how we use it in the Church!
  • How to pray the rosary -- and meditate on the Scripture associated with each mystery!
  • Great daily prayers -- for children of all ages to pray in the home!

And lots, lots more -- joyful catechesis for children of all ages!

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