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Holy Heroes Mass Prep Downloads for May 2018
Holy Heroes Gospel Videos for May 2018

What to expect with your subscription

There are 3 components for every Sunday Mass Prep: a Gospel video, Gospel coloring page, and a Mass Quiz with answer key.

As a subscriber, you'll receive an email each month that contains the link to the following month's activities, giving you plenty of time to review the content and incorporate it into Sunday children's activities. Keep this email/webpage handy to refer to throughout the month.

We continue to develop new materials, so from time to time we MIGHT send you an email to check the webpage again when we post additional special items (such as special feast day materials, new online "Saint Smarts" quizzes, and the like).

You have the right to UNLIMITED printing of these items and to show the videos to your family, class, parish Faith Formation, etc., but please do not share the email or this page with others. You've paid a fee for this monthly service which helps us cover the cost of producing and distributing it, so we appreciate your encouraging others who could benefit to purchase it for themselves.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.