Joyful Mysteries Bead-by-Bead Picture Prayer Book
Try it--your kids will LOVE it!
The fruit of our secret Rosary project + FREE bonus

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Engage your child "bead-by-bead" through the family rosary:
The Mysteries come alive as every bead is a picture...and every picture is a prayer!
Children will love having their very own prayer book!
One mom told us:

Daily Rosaries Ever Since!

A friend brought this for Epiphany. I thought my 3-year-old would be the target audience, but my 9-year-old is the one who swiped it up. She crawled into bed and said a rosary that night, and has said a rosary every morning AND night, on her own, ever since! She loves how the story unfolds with each Hail Mary, and how the words to the prayers are printed in the back of the book in case she needs them. Her little sister even joined in the other day! So I bought the whole set! Thank you for such an excellent product!

BONUS: Childhood of Jesus coloring book FREE -or- the entire 4-book set Life of Jesus coloring books 1/2 price!

Picture Bible
Great Summer Project: Read the Bible!
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Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen (soon to be beatified!) said, "This Picture Bible for all ages is an excellent introduction to those who do not know the Bible and an excellent review for those who do."

This is the first Bible that every child in our house who can read has read from cover-to-cover!

We first found this Bible in a used book sale, in black & white, 7 children ago (so you can imagine that covers and pages and chapters are now missing) -- and then we found this updated version that's better than ever and in color!

233 Bible stories told in chronological order with Scripture citations for every story -- there simply is no better way to introduce your children to God's plan through the story that He has deemed so important that He inspired it to be written down.

Click on the product to go to the product page and watch the short video of our children raving about it--they truly have learned so much from it!

800 pages, hardcover.